Bruno Di Stefano, PhD
Bruno Di Stefano, PhD
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Site-specific integration and tailoring of cassette design for sustainable gene transfer
A Lombardo, D Cesana*, P Genovese*, B Di Stefano*, E Provasi*, ...
Nature methods 8 (10), 861, 2011
Polycomb complexes in stem cells and embryonic development
L Aloia, B Di Stefano, L Di Croce
Development 140 (12), 2525-2534, 2013
Transcription factors orchestrate dynamic interplay between genome topology and gene regulation during cell reprogramming
R Stadhouders, E Vidal, F Serra, B Di Stefano, F Le Dily, J Quilez, ...
Nature genetics 50 (2), 238-249, 2018
Prolonged Mek1/2 suppression impairs the developmental potential of embryonic stem cells
J Choi, AJ Huebner, K Clement, RM Walsh, A Savol, K Lin, H Gu, ...
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C/EBPα poises B cells for rapid reprogramming into induced pluripotent stem cells
B Di Stefano, JL Sardina, C van Oevelen, S Collombet, EM Kallin, ...
Nature 506 (7487), 235-239, 2014
Importance of Shank3 protein in regulating metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 (mGluR5) expression and signaling at synapses
C Verpelli, E Dvoretskova, C Vicidomini, F Rossi, M Chiappalone, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 286 (40), 34839-34850, 2011
Transcription factors drive Tet2-mediated enhancer demethylation to reprogram cell fate
JL Sardina, S Collombet, TV Tian, A Gómez, B Di Stefano, C Berenguer, ...
Cell stem cell 23 (5), 727-741. e9, 2018
Cell-of-origin-specific 3D genome structure acquired during somatic cell reprogramming
PHL Krijger*, B Di Stefano*, E de Wit*, F Limone, C Van Oevelen, ...
Cell Stem Cell 18 (5), 597-610, 2016
Nudt21 Controls Cell Fate by Connecting Alternative Polyadenylation to Chromatin Signaling
J Brumbaugh*, B Di Stefano*, X Wang, M Borkent, E Forouzmand, ...
Cell 172 (1-2), 106-120. e21, 2018
Leptin/HER2 crosstalk in breast cancer: in vitro study and preliminary in vivoanalysis
E Fiorio, A Mercanti, M Terrasi, R Micciolo, A Remo, A Auriemma, ...
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Logical modeling of lymphoid and myeloid cell specification and transdifferentiation
S Collombet, C Van Oevelen, JL Sardina Ortega, W Abou-Jaoudé, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (23), 5792-5799, 2017
C/EBPα creates elite cells for iPSC reprogramming by upregulating Klf4 and increasing the levels of Lsd1 and Brd4
B Di Stefano*, S Collombet*, JS Jakobsen*, M Wierer, JL Sardina, ...
Nature cell biology 18 (4), 371, 2016
The RNA helicase DDX6 controls cellular plasticity by modulating P-body homeostasis
B Di Stefano, EC Luo, C Haggerty, S Aigner, J Charlton, J Brumbaugh, ...
Cell stem cell 25 (5), 622-638. e13, 2019
Direct Reprogramming of Mouse Fibroblasts into Functional Skeletal Muscle Progenitors
O Bar-Nur*, MFM Gerli*, B Di Stefano, AE Almada, A Galvin, A Coffey, ...
Stem cell reports 10 (5), 1505-1521, 2018
Reduced MEK inhibition preserves genomic stability in naive human embryonic stem cells.
B Di Stefano, M Ueda, S Sabri, J Brumbaugh, AJ Huebner, A Sahakyan, ...
Nature methods 15 (9), 732-740, 2018
Single cell RNA-seq identifies the origins of heterogeneity in efficient cell transdifferentiation and reprogramming
M Francesconi*, B Di Stefano*, C Berenguer, L de Andrés-Aguayo, ...
eLife 8, e41627, 2019
Reprogramming human B cells into induced pluripotent stem cells and its enhancement by C/EBPα
C Bueno*, JL Sardina*, B Di Stefano, D Romero-Moya, A Munoz-Lopez, ...
Leukemia 30 (3), 674, 2016
Reprogramming: identifying the mechanisms that safeguard cell identity
J Brumbaugh, B Di Stefano, K Hochedlinger
Development 146 (23), dev182170, 2019
Inducible histone K-to-M mutations are dynamic tools to probe the physiological role of site-specific histone methylation in vitro and in vivo
J Brumbaugh, IS Kim, F Ji, AJ Huebner, B Di Stefano, BA Schwarz, ...
Nature cell biology 21 (11), 1449-1461, 2019
Active DNA demethylation promotes cell fate specification and the DNA damage response
D Wang, W Wu, E Callen, R Pavani, N Zolnerowich, S Kodali, D Zong, ...
Science 378 (6623), 983-989, 2022
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