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The evolution of human and ape hand proportions
S Almécija, JB Smaers, WL Jungers
Nature Communications 6, 7717, 2015
The femur of Orrorin tugenensis exhibits morphometric affinities with both Miocene apes and later hominins
S Almécija, M Tallman, D Alba, M Pina, S Moyà-Solà, WL Jungers
Nature Communications 4, 2888, 2013
First partial face and upper dentition of the Middle Miocene hominoid Dryopithecus fontani from Abocador de Can Mata (Vallès‐Penedès Basin, Catalonia, NE Spain): Taxonomic and …
S Moyà‐Solà, M Köhler, DM Alba, I Casanovas‐Vilar, J Galindo, ...
American Journal of Physical Anthropology 139 (2), 126-145, 2009
Early origin for human-like precision grasping: a comparative study of pollical distal phalanges in fossil hominins
S Almécija, S Moyà-Solà, DM Alba
PloS ONE 5 (7), e11727, 2010
Orang-like manual adaptations in the fossil hominoid Hispanopithecus laietanus: first steps towards great ape suspensory behaviours
S Almécija, DM Alba, S Moyà-Solà, M Köhler
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 274 (1624), 2375-2384, 2007
Pierolapithecus and the functional morphology of Miocene ape hand phalanges: paleobiological and evolutionary implications.
S Almécija, DM Alba, S Moyà-Solà
Journal of Human Evolution 57 (3), 284, 2009
A unique Middle Miocene European hominoid and the origins of the great ape and human clade
S Moyà-Solà, DM Alba, S Almécija, I Casanovas-Vilar, M Köhler, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (24), 9601-9606, 2009
Fossil apes and human evolution
S Almécija, AS Hammond, NE Thompson, KD Pugh, S Moyà-Solà, ...
Science 372 (6542), eabb4363, 2021
Miocene small-bodied ape from Eurasia sheds light on hominoid evolution
DM Alba, S Almécija, D DeMiguel, J Fortuny, MP de los Ríos, M Pina, ...
Science 350 (6260), aab2625, 2015
Los vertebrados fósiles del Abocador de Can Mata (els Hostalets de Pierola, l’Anoia, Cataluña), una sucesión de localidades del Aragoniense superior (MN6 y MN7+ 8) de la cuenca …
DM Alba, S Moyà-Solà, I Casanovas-Vilar, J Galindo, JM Robles, ...
Estudios Geológicos 62 (1), 295-312, 2006
Earliest modern human-like hand bone from a new >1.84-million-year-old site at Olduvai in Tanzania
M Domínguez-Rodrigo, TR Pickering, S Almécija, JL Heaton, ...
Nature Communications 6, 7987, 2015
A partial skeleton of the fossil great ape Hispanopithecus laietanus from Can Feu and the mosaic evolution of crown-hominoid positional behaviors
DM Alba, S Almécija, I Casanovas-Vilar, JM Méndez, S Moyà-Solà
PloS ONE 7 (6), e39617, 2012
Locomotor inferences in Pierolapithecus and Hispanopithecus: reply to Deane and Begun (2008)
DM Alba, S Almécija, S Moyà-Solà
Journal of Human Evolution 59 (1), 143-149, 2010
Taxonomic attribution of the Olduvai Hominid 7 manual remains and the functional interpretation of hand morphology in robust australopithecines
S Moyà-Solà, M Köhler, DM Alba, S Almécija
Folia Primatologica 79 (4), 215-250, 2008
On manual proportions and pad-to-pad precision grasping in Australopithecus afarensis
S Almécija, DM Alba
Journal of Human Evolution, 2014
A new species of Pliopithecus Gervais, 1849 (Primates: Pliopithecidae) from the Middle Miocene (MN8) of Abocador de Can Mata (els Hostalets de Pierola, Catalonia, Spain)
DM Alba, S Moyà‐Solà, A Malgosa, I Casanovas‐Vilar, JM Robles, ...
American Journal of Physical Anthropology 141 (1), 52-75, 2010
Middle Miocene Pierolapithecus provides a first glimpse into early hominid pelvic morphology
AS Hammond, DM Alba, S Almécija, S Moyà-Solà
Journal of Human Evolution, 2013
Revision of Varanus marathonensis (Squamata, Varanidae) based on historical and new material: morphology, systematics, and paleobiogeography of the European monitor lizards
A Villa, J Abella, DM Alba, S Almécija, A Bolet, GD Koufos, F Knoll, ...
PloS ONE 13 (12), e0207719, 2018
Evolution and function of the hominin forefoot
PJ Fernández, CS Mongle, L Leakey, DJ Proctor, CM Orr, BA Patel, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (35), 8746-8751, 2018
The thumb of Miocene apes: new insights from Castell de Barberà (Catalonia, Spain)
S Almécija, DM Alba, S Moyà‐Solà
American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 2012
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